Meet Chic Dock!!

We love sharing stories of amazing designers! Meet our friend, Seema Khalil, founder and designer at Chic Dock. Embodying a commitment to sustainable luxe fashion, her collection of dresses, tops, and scarves, is inspired by her youth spent in India.

Chic Dock's eco-friendly label supports artisan techniques including chikankari, hand block writing, and handloom weaving to create unique and elegant tops, blouses, dresses, tunics, maxis, kaftans, ponchos, and cover-ups.

To learn more about Chic Dock and shop the latest collection, head over to Chic Dock


  • 03.11.15
  • Shelley Van Riper
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Impossibly Possible…
Over the past year, versions of this quote have played in my head, day and night, over and over and over again. At present, the heart continues to win. 
I’ve been amazed by the genuine joy and support I have received from so many that I’m compelled to dedicate my forthcoming posts to showcase some of my favorite partners-in-crime. These creatives, experts, fashionistas, guides, cheerleaders, and soulsayers have literally and figuratively held my hand, talked me off of the ledge, and just basically have my back when it comes to supporting this crazy dream called Alchemy Detroit.  


Lola Ryan…Your Home for Pure Fashion.

(Rachel Lukasik Kus, owner of Lola Ryan, rocks out The Sophia blazer)

There’s always a first and I’d like you to meet mine…Rachel is the fabulous owner of Lola Ryan, a well-curated boutique in downtown Plymouth. Working alongside Rachel is her mom, Becky, who helps keep the boutique moving and is extremely well-versed on every detail of the store. Both women have a great eye and are very passionate about the brands that hang in the store!!

Connecting the Dots…

I’m all about being authentic so when you find another in your midst, you can take a sigh of relief in knowing you share a code of transparency and forthrightness that can be difficult to find. And one such aha moment was walking into Lola Ryan in November to be told by Becky that one of my scarves was picked up by HOUR Detroit magazine for their Holiday Giving Guide. The excitement was palpable and it was my introduction to a win-win retail partnership. Over the months, there have been a few hiccups along the way with production and delivery times and general things that happen outside of ones control. It was during those moments, I recognized how fortunate I was to discover that because of Rachel, Alchemy Detroit had its first shot at retail and had found a new home at Lola Ryan. 

Karma is a beautiful thing so check out Lola Ryan in downtown Plymouth!


  • 10.12.14
  • Shelley Van Riper
ˈalkəmē/ noun
  • a science that was used in the Middle Ages with the goal of changing ordinary metals into gold
  • a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way

After two decades in corporate America, one theme persisted – women who are passionate about classic tailored pieces are hard pressed to find affordable options emphasizing superior quality, versatility, and intelligent styling.
One year ago, I visualized launching a Michigan-based fashion label; a label that women of all ages, particularly those who seek out timeless wardrobe staples, could invest their spirit. My first stop was across the aisle into the men’s department, where inspiration was boundless. And for the first time in twenty-four years, I had found my true voice; my personal and professional transformation began. My goal was to establish a brand that speaks to a woman’s brilliance, celebrates her individuality, and supports her unique alchemy.
Those who know me best, (particularly my 5 year old twin daughters) know how much I detest lying. So, I’m not going to lie, this process has not been seamless. With that said, I’ve learned to navigate the NYC Garment District; confidently persuaded vendors who didn’t want to deal with a startup from Detroit and countless hours of sweat and tears. Ultimately, however, it has been one hell of an amazing journey.
So here we are, in a little under 12 months, Alchemy’s inaugural launch. This capsule collection is what I hope will be an inspiring glimpse of what is to come. Alchemy Detroit, for me, symbolizes a mature and sophisticated aesthetic, on the whole, for women who are willing to spend money on quality, but don’t necessarily want to broadcast it with loud labels. We promise designs that are clean and refined with particular attention to quality of fabrics and construction. And while the collection is always forward thinking and savvy, we promise it will always be rooted in the classics; styles that demonstrate sophisticated details, sleek silhouettes, and unpolluted lines.
With this in mind, Alchemy honors those confident women who are aware of fashion trends yet prefer investment pieces that build an enduring and interesting wardrobe. Our clothing is built to last but will constantly evolve through testing, improving, and updating. The collection will not focus on seasonal fashion themes; rather it will support real women and their demanding lives with comfortable, chic, and wearable essentials.
I look forward to connecting again in December, where I’m sure I will have plenty of exciting updates to share. In the meantime, head over to Alchemy now for 15% off of your first order by entering the code ALCHEMY15 through October 31st.

With gratitude,
Shelley L. Van Riper
Timeless Tailoring. Bold Attitude. For Her. For Life.
P.S. There are many people, too many to mention, who have supported me on this journey – and each and every one of them stand with me in spirit, here, today. Thank you to all, I could not have made it without you!