#IAmAlchemy: Kristin Adamczyk | Painter & Creative Director

I met Kristin in the fall of 2016 at an event hosted by The Seen Detroit. I was captivated by Kristin’s chill energy, and her ability to instantly incorporate the Alchemy blazer into her video and photo session; all the while, working her own shoot throughout the morning. Say Hello, to Kristin.

NAME AND VOCATION: Kristin Adamczyk | Painter & Creative Director, Film Production

SHARE YOUR STORY: I am a freelance creative, and have been based out of my Detroit studio, for the past 5 years. I Studied at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design, where I was compelled to contribute my creative efforts to the growth and rebirth of the City of Detroit's creative scene, and downtown community. I expanded my design work to assist non-profit organizations, and this really made me feel fulfilled creativity. Commercial marketing during business hours has me painting into the late hours of the night- investing time in personal artwork: mixed-media collage and painting. Over time, I found myself collaborating with a lot of other artists of all disciplines, documenting their processes, and working on more creative visual-storytelling productions, more video, more painters working from reference images I acquired. In 2017, I expanded my collaborations and exhibitions to Los Angeles, where the contemporary art and film production scenes are more fruitful currently. Detroit will always be the best space for me to actually create my artwork. Overall, I’m humbled and honored to have the ability to explore all these different creative avenues and represent diverse brands.

Follow Kristin’s links and social media: 
Instagram: @a_damnchick 
Twitter: @adayumchick
Web: www.KristinAdamczyk.com


YOUR GOTO OUTFIT: Soft dark cottons. Layers. 

BEST ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED: 10% of life is what happens. 90% is how you react to it. 

THREE THINGS YOU ARE MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT: Science Fiction, nature, self-love. 

NAME ONE THING YOU WOULD TELL YOUR 18 YEAR OLD SELF: Your best competition is yourself. 

IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE A SONG THAT DESCRIBES YOU, WHAT WOULD IT BE? It is not a direct representation of Me, but currently I am obsessed with Arcade Fire's Creature Comfort, it is inspiring themes in my artwork.   




GREATEST LIFE EXPERIENCE TO DATE: Skydiving in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT TO DATE: Auctioning artwork to benefit the Detroit Historical Society and Museum.  

IF YOU COULD HAVE DINNER WITH ANYONE ALIVE OR DEAD, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? Oprah. She was just so inspiring at the Golden Globes. We are experiencing a changing climate in our global-collective community. There is a passionate energy in the air, that demands to be heard. Clearly we are currently in a Revolution: from Basic to Professional Equality for Women all over the world. We still have a lot of work to do, but awareness is the first step.  

SHARE WITH US WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT ALCHEMY: There is a subtle boldness to - not only the blazers - but the must-have basics, like the shape and presence of the shirts. There is a cozy confidence in the scarves; and an overall professional, modern take on the female presence in an office environment.

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