#IAmAlchemy: Deirdre Roberson | Environmental Specialist

#IAmAlchemy Dierdre Roberson

Say HELLO!, to Deirdre Roberson, and if you don’t already know her, you should!

I met Deirdre at a photo shoot for The Detroit Seen a couple of years ago. She looked so fly in our Alchemy blazer, totally rocking her signature style.

Not only is Deirdre an Environmental Specialist but she is also an entrepreneur who tirelessly dedicates her time and talents to making Detroit a better place to live, work, and play.

So, be sure to follow her journey, and share the love!



NAME AND VOCATION:  Deirdre Roberson, Environmental Scientist  

SHARE YOUR STORY: I was born and raised in Southwest Detroit. I am 1 of four girls and we all look very much alike to the point people confuse us for each other all the time. I graduated from Cass Tech high school and attended undergraduate school in New Orleans at Xavier University of Louisiana and obtained my Bachelors in Chemistry. I obtained my Masters in Chemistry from University of Detroit Mercy. From a young age I was very creative and always involved in the Arts both the creative and performing arts. I was interested in science from a young age and very curious. The connection between the Arts and Science is what led to the founding of our company Motor City S.T.E.A.M. I have always been a curious and charismatic person. I played softball growing up. I love to indulge in the Arts, galleries, museums, ballets, music and sports. I am a passionate, fearless and very competitive person who loves family, friends, water and a good time. Jameson and Gingerbeer is my favorite drink!  


YOUR GOTO OUTFIT: A blazer and a pair of riding boots!

BEST ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED:  That sometimes you have to scream your own damn name! :)


NAME ONE THING YOU WOULD TELL YOUR 18 YEAR OLD SELF: I would tell 18 year old Deirdre that no matter what believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. Follow your passions they will get you in trouble sometimes, but it is who you are. You are going to mess up and fail and fall hard forgive yourself and love yourself through it all. You have a strong passionate personality and people will not understand it and will criticize you for it, but embrace it and be fearless because its how you will make an impact on the world.

IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE A SONG THAT DESCRIBES YOU, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Bad Girl by Usher Love when that beat drops wherever I am I have to stop and give a mini performance. lol

NAME ONE THING YOU WON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT: My Macbook. I am always working and I need it. Even if I don’t have my phone I can respond to messages from my mac book.

FLATS OR HEELS: A good pair of riding boots!


GREATEST LIFE EXPERIECE TO DATE: I’m optimistic that it has not happened yet, but it’s coming! I started writing this a week before My pitch for my company and that was my initial answer, but as I am sending this after the Pitch of my company Motor City STEAM at Ford World Head quarters we won the grand prize in our category and additional 8K in cash and services for the idea they Think will change the world! That has to be my greatest life experience to date. We had been working on our company for two years and finally introduced it to the world and we won over 16K in funding for our company no loans just grants and services. To see something you worked so hard on be recognized and come to fruition the feeling is unmatched!

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT TO DATE: The starting my STEAM company Motor city STEAM that I am a co-founder with 2 wonderful women and being the Vice President and one of the founding members of The Soulcial Scene non-profit. Motor City STEAM and The Soulcial Scene help me contribute and give back to the world and my community in ways that I am passionate about.

IF YOU COULD HAVE DINNER WITH ANYONE ALIVE OR DEAD, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? My Grandfather George Johnson. He was my hero and passed when I was 13 but he gave me so much advice about life and going to school and working hard. It has always stuck with me. My strength and beliefs come from a lot of things he told me as a child. I like to say that I am my grandfathers granddaughter. He was strong, smart, hardworking and stubborn just like me. lol

SHARE WITH US WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT ALCHEMY: The fit, the feel, the material. When I put the blazer on it felt like it was tailor made just for me. It made me feel Powerful and I think clothing should make women feel powerful. 

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