• #IAmAlchemy: Alchemy Detroit Founder, Shelley Van Riper
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#IAmAlchemy: Alchemy Detroit Founder, Shelley Van Riper



I’m a girl from the east side of Detroit who grew up with an intrinsic belief in the power of Alchemy. From its start in 2014, Alchemy Detroit has pursued perfection in every garment with an inspired passion for each piece. The process of literally and figuratively gathering raw materials, emotions, beliefs, experiences and transforming that matter and energy into timeless garments. It begins with The Perfect Tee, The Perfect Blazer, The Perfect Scarf. 


Painstakingly selecting the right pieces - custom buttons, virgin wool and cashmere from Italy, Tibetan yarns woven on antique looms in Florence - and infusing them with a humble tenacity, is the brand ethos of Alchemy. 

At it’s simplest, Alchemy Detroit is an indie American made apparel company. At it’s core, it is an energy, a movement if you will. It is intentional design that integrates seamlessly and effortlessly into the modern lifestyle, be it board meeting or weekend brunch. It speaks to Her brilliance, celebrates Her individuality, and supports Her unique style. 

Alchemy is a sisterhood - we stand with hardworking career women, domestic warriors, young professionals, and mature matriarchs. 

We want to hear from you! Share with us YOUR #IAmAlchemy story.

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  • Jan 18, 2018

    I loved reading this, Shelley! It’s so great to hear about your inspiration behind Alchemy.

    And I love the sisterhood! Such an important force.


    — Nicole Giordano

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