#IAmAlchemy | Nicole Giordano | Founder, StartUp FASHION

Nicole Giordano

Welcome to our latest love of celebrating inspiring women!

Meet Nicole...queen of all things emerging designer! I met Nicole soon after launching Alchemy Detroit. She has been a pillar of strength to me in many moments of startup struggle and frustration. If you don't already know her, and the amazing commitment she has to emerging designers, here is your chance! Be sure to show her love!! @startupfashion 

Name And Vocation: Nicole Giordano, founder of StartUp FASHION

Share Your Story: The short version is that back in 2010, having worked in the fashion industry for almost a decade, I felt the need to launch a blog that challenged the reasoning behind a lot of the traditional fashion industry rules. I wanted to make sure that the next generation of independent brands that they could do things their own way. That blog grow exponentially in a few years and was the basis for launching our membership community. I now run a business that supports thousands of global fashion brands as they work to build their businesses.

One Word That Describes Your Style: Basic

Your Goto Outfit: Vintage jeans, black v-neck, large earrings, lots of rings.

Best Advice You've Ever Received: Start before you’re ready.

Three Things You Are Most Passionate About: Food, travel, my business. (Oh, and my life partner! He’s cool too.)

Name One Thing You Would Tell Your 18 Year Old Self: There’s no such thing as having it all figured out. Stop trying.

If You Had to Choose A Song The Describes You, What Would It Be? Happy by Pharell

Name One Thing You Won't Leave The House Without: Lip gloss

Flats Or Heels: Flats

Guilty Pleasure: Bread. Lots and lots of bread.

Greatest Life Experience To Date: Reaching 35 countries visited, with no intention of stopping there.

Proudest Accomplishment To Date: Creating a profitable business from scratch with only the money in my own bank account that has helped so many others reach their own goals and dreams.

If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone Alive or Dead, Who Would It Be And Why? My two grandmothers who both died young and so I never got to know. I would love to talk to them about their lives and journeys.

Share With Us What You Love About Alchemy? The woman behind it!  Shelley’s passion, determination, point-of-view, and support of others are all admirable and impressive. I love what she’s built and feel lucky to have been witness to it over the years. 

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